FIL Lending APY Cap on Increased to 500% at 8 am, Oct 29, UTC is a DeFi Filecoin (FIL) lending and investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain.

Since launch, has experienced unprecedented FIL borrowing interest and increasing user volume, resulting in a Utilization Rate of as high as 99.99%.

In response to the community’s requests and the market condition, we have decided to increase the Market Popularity factor to reflect the real demand, and the maximum of FIL lending APY is increased to 500% from 170%, as explained in the following formula:

Lending APY = Base APY + Utilization Rate * Market Popularity

The APY cap increase will be implemented and take effect at 8am, Oct 29, UTC.

Where to find us?

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DeFi lending & investment platform for Filecoin. Find us on

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